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Dedicated Server Streaming the New Way to Listen to Music

Dedicated servers in London.. used just for music?

Cloud hosted music or real music?
Call me old-fashioned and I expect you will, but I like my hi-fi. In this age of tiny gadgets and keeping millions of your music tracks in one little hard drive I still hanker for big speakers and separate amplifier cassette and of course CD player, most of us older people remember vinyl and some of us even remember 8 tracks.

Music hosted on a dedicated server or your hard drive- quality issues?
Younger people today possibly have never even owned a CD. Which means that they must have always bought their music in the MP3 format... this also means they are totally unaware that an MP3 is a cut down version of the original high-quality recording by the artist....it is in fact a tenth of the file size for ease of storage which means obviously it is a 10th of the quality....

Convenience instead of sound quality
At some point along the way we all sacrificed beautiful sound to get easy storage and sharing. A lot of people burn new MP3 to a CD to play them in the car (if they don't have the stereo converted to deal with an iPod or one of those FM transceiver things which lets you listen using the radio.) However just because you have translated to a CD does not mean that the quality has improved you are still using the same quality you purchase the file at.

Can't be bothered to keep it? someone has a dedicated server just for that
Music streaming services are everywhere, Spottify really started the trend and today Amazon announced its streaming service now early beating iTunes who were also getting into streaming in a big way. This obviously means that Apple and Amazon are going to need a huge amount of bandwidth and an extremely large extra set of data centre capacity. Bearing in mind the size of Apple corporations operation, the amount of iTunes subscribers there are in the world and the level of Amazon's influence in the marketplace this will mean a huge jump in people listening to music via streaming meaning fewer tracks on an individual's hard drive and many more on a dedicated server somewhere.

Will the Internet break under the strain?
Industry analysts are already talking about how video streaming to Mobile phones is putting a real strain on the Internet and its infrastructure, in fact I heard one expert say that the Internet is in danger of breaking. This of course is quite hard to believe, but an indication of this could be the fact that all the mobile operators around are now putting data caps as much as possible on everybody's monthly plan. Now it might seem like a giant leap from this concept of the idea that the Internet is going to break in down how many iTunes tracks have been sold what if all of those tracks were never downloaded and instead people just listened to their favourite ones and again and again via a streaming service, this is a significant difference in amount of bandwidth being burned by the average consumer and we in the industry need to take notice of the coming storm this may cause.

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Debbi Cole Has worked in the IT industry for eight years and specifically for Server Space for 5 years. She is a keen advocate of cloud hosting, cloud servers and Green data centre issues.

Debbi was a keen motorcycle enthusiast but has since given it up for the safer pass time of Yacht racing although both the weather and professional commitments severely restrict her opportunity to pursue this pass-time.