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One of the big issues facing our industry is the pressure to go green. In fairness I use the word "pressure" in the loose kind of way simply because in actuality at the moment Green costs more and if something costs more shareholders and company directors don't like it. In America up until recently a company could actually get sued by shareholders are doing something that could be seen as detrimental to the bottom line. That does seem a bit harsh, and I'm glad that they now have changed it to enable company directors and CEOs to make greener decisions that may affect profit margins. However I think we're looking at the wrong question here, what we should be looking for is the solution where going green doesn't cost more. Is the Internet green?Are the Yellow Pages wasteful? People talk about how things like telephone directories such as Yellow pages are non-ecological... (more)

The Risks of Choosing a Data Center in a High Risk Area

Data centers are the lifeline of organizations and companies. This is because most backend operations like web hosting, data back up, data storage, email hosting and e-commerce activities are all carried out at the data centres. These data centers are also pivotal in ensuring websites are up and running continuously, and that people can conduct online purchases and transactions, make updates on social sites, read news updates as well as a host of other activities that people carry out regularly on the internet. All these just outline the indispensable roles that data centre hosti... (more)

Free or Paid Hosting Is the Question You Should Be Asking Yourself?

Creating your own website or blog has never been easier. There are hundreds of options to choose from, and they all try to tempt you as being the best one. But if you are thinking of dedicating a lot of your time into creating your own website, and especially if you’re thinking of quitting your day job to do it, there are a number of things that you need to become familiar with. The first thing that you must take care of obviously is a hosting account which will support your website. Yet at the same time the most important question at this point is whether you pay for the best we... (more)

Everything You Wanted to Know About Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has been creating quite a buzz lately as being the latest, and some claim also the best type of web hosting around. It is quite different to your usually hosting server and certainly requires a lot of skill to use. Most of the time it cannot be run by a single person, but rather by a team of people who can get the job done at a quicker pace. One of the most popular websites in the world that uses cloud hosting is Google. Ever seen Google’s website down? No. So there really must be some excellent points to cloud hosting that we will now look at. The single most impor... (more)

Managed Server Hosting: The Ten Benefits

Managed server hosting refers to a hosting company managing servers for its clients and providing them with the tools and resources necessary to run their businesses. Hosting companies employ full-time administrators that maintain the servers – something that users would have found themselves or people they had hired doing in their stead. While this is something that may sometimes scare people, deciding to go with managed server hosting may in fact prove to be the most sensible decision for some people - especially beginners that do not have a big budget to run their server and t... (more)